Garden Installation Plans!

The garden build date is set and Saturday, February 25th is it!

There will be two shifts of garden building and members of the Genesis Garden team will be on hand to lead and work along side both shifts:

Shift 1 – from 9am to 12pm; requiring 12 volunteers. This is the “labor” shift. If you want to wield a mattock, haul soil and generally work up a sweat, this is for you. Bring gloves, work clothes and a strong back. Down to 2 spots left!

Shift 2 – from 12:30pm to 3pm; requiring 20 volunteers. This is the finishing shift. Planting seeds, putting up signs, tidying up and whatnot. You still need gloves and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty (even light gardening is notoriously dirty work), but the suffering will be less than shift one. No openings left, all full!

The garden is located on the property of City School – 1702 Woodland Avenue
Austin, TX 78741-2534

There is a beautiful shade tree near by and everyone can bring a picnic lunch if they desire. There is also a playground with swings and all that jazz on site, so bring all the children you want.

We don’t want people to set aside their Saturday to volunteer and show up to an overcrowded garden, so please RSVP to reserve your spot on the shift of your choice. You can RSVP by making a comment on this site or email me at

I will keep track of volunteers and keep this page updated with available spots, get ’em while they’re hot!


UPDATED! – Irrigation / Post Holes – as of 2/4, we now have fence post!

Men at Work

Thor - plumber extraordinaire

Brother Ben working away

So the post are now in and all that remains is to actually build the garden and that is just a few things – pull up grass, dig, add soil, re-dig beds, dig paths, lay paths, lay irrigation, plant seeds, mulch, water, build fence, put up a cool sign. Alright, there is still more than just a few things left to do. That is why we need your help on the installation day! As my old pal Rudyard used to say, “Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade”. But you know Rudy, always sitting around saying crazy stuff like that.

Garden Plan

Yes, I have a four year old and no, she did not help me with the drawing of this plan. It just looks that way.

I thought interested parties might like to see the drawing, I love looking at garden plans and getting ideas and motivation from them.

It is a 20 x 25 foot fenced area with three 4 x 21 foot planting beds for a total of 252 square feet of planting space. That should be a fair start on some serious goodness.