What Up With That – August 28th 2012

Today is Seth Henry appreciation day. He went out to the garden by himself Saturday as I worked at my day job. Thanks Seth! I hope everyone wears Maize and Blue in his honor today. If it is too late to change your clothes to Michigan Wolverine colors, you can at least cheer on his Detroit Tigers as they make a run at the playoffs. They are currently in 2nd place, so maybe time for rally caps.

He said the watermelons are looking better and starting to put on some more new fruit. 

He made a harvest –He gave me the okra to pickle, which is easier than I thought if you just make refrigerator pickles (I think I feel a “how to” post coming on). It is canning that requires skill and knowledge. We did discuss that okra the size of your head is generally too tough to consume and should be put directly into the compost pile. Dust to dust. It is a shame, but that okra can really get ahead of you.

Seth dropped the tomatoes off at the MLF commissary and said that Blythe at the commissary reported that there have been many compliments on the produce. It is nice to hear that the garden is working. We work, the garden grows and those who need goodness the most, get it! God is good!

This week, I hope to field a deluge of emails from small group leaders frantically trying to sign up their groups for as many work days possible. Everybody calm down! There is time in the garden for everyone.

I will be out on Saturday morning for those that would like to join in the fun.




Fall Volunteer Schedule!

Please read the title in the voice of Oprah giving stuff away. Sounds more exciting, doesn’t it?

I tried really hard to embed some sort of calender in here and failed. OK, I googled how to do it, read one article, got confused and gave up. So here is the fall volunteer schedule in lame list form. I listed Saturdays, since that is the common work day, but you could sign up and work Sunday or anytime during the week not in school hours (City School doesn’t want a bunch of creepy people like you hanging around during school hours). Sign up first and get a free hug at the garden (or high five, if hugs are awkward for you) –

  • September 1st – Team Henry
  • September 8th – Matt and Ben and Taco More
  • September 15th – Denning / McAlister
  • September 22nd – Friesen Small Group not so triumphantly returns
  • September 29th – Coelho Small Group
  • October 6th – CC Youth Group triumphantly returns to the garden
  • October 13th – Teame Nehme
  • October 20th – Denning / McAlister
  • October 27th – Church retreat, no volunteers this week
  • November 3rd
  • November 10th – Coelho SG
  • November 17th – Denning/ McAlister
  • November 24th – Thanksgiving weekend and the annual A&M v Texas game! Oh, wait, they called that off due to pride and avarice. Who wants to garden?
  • December 1st – Kaufman et al
  • December 8th
  • December 15th – Perry Honor Society

What Up With That August 22nd, 2012 edition

Since it seems we have some new readers, I thought I should remind everyone why the weekly update segment is called “What Up With That?”. Before you open 1)Prepare to have that hilarious song stuck in your head for between 3 hours and 12 days. 2)The views expressed on the fictitious show What Up With That and real show SNL are not endorsed by Christ Church, Genesis Gardens, or most of rational humanity. This link is for entertainment purposes only and should not be opened if you are a serious person or have ever considered yourself offended. Yes, so that is where the name came from. So here we go (oooo-eeeee…..)

What has been –

Seth and I hit the garden on Saturday. I was distracted by work issues and forced to use my phone as a phone instead of a camera and neglected to take any photographs other than this one of a fuzzy caterpillar on the red okra

It didn’t look like he was bothering us, so we didn’t bother him. Besides taking his picture and posting it on the internet, which is pretty offensive if you think about it.

We did get our work done. We weeded, watered, fertilized, tied up the tomatoes with twine for the 73rd time. I got out and slung the sling blade to take down the humongous weeds outside the fence. I even found a ready to harvest watermelon (from the melon ring by the sign, remember?) once I cleared the space a bit. I don’t know what the weeds are. They look like weed but I assume they are not as 1/3 of Austin is not out there smoking them. Whatever they are, they grow well there.

Annie Crawford came out to water this week and had good reports on tomato growth and overall thrift of the garden. Thanks, Annie!

What is yet to be –

No Saturday work crew. I will be at my real job. I think I may hit the garden Sunday post church, but no one else should have to see it in the mid-day sun. It’ll get you down.


  • Hold tight! Fall is coming
  • Weed, water, harvest and pray.

Volunteer schedule is coming, I promise!

Another overview picture of the garden

I went out yesterday morning to spread some mulch and decided we needed a better overview picture of the garden as it stands. It is from a different angle so you can see the sign and the cross. I like the way the garden looks from this angle. It is also nice with the morning light and shadows. I took my own advice and got out of there before the sun got too high in the sky.

What Up With That – August 13th 2012

What has been –

I am back and similar to ever! I was on vacation in Port Aransas and then at continuing education in College Station. They were both hotter, muggier and less ironic (by 92% and 78%, respectively) than Austin. It is good to be home. Thank you to Ben and Seth for gardening in my absence. They sent the following pictures

Behold, I give you – okra!

Their harvest. Seth’s shoes. Okra large enough, and tough enough, to choke a mule.

I went out and checked the garden over yesterday at about 1 pm. If some readers use this blog to gather actual gardening information and tips (good luck with that!), then I have one for you – don’t go look at the garden at 1 pm in August in Texas. Trust me, it looks like the last chapter of What’s the Use . The sun is both high enough above you to penetrate every corner of the earth and close enough to you that you smell burning hair, everything is a little wilted, some things are a lot wilted and the only plant that appears to be enjoying itself is bermuda grass.

But I needed to go. There was a harvest to be made. Not too shabby, either –

The hornworms are eating the tomatoes (again), but the Bt seems to be doing the trick and keeping them from running wild. A couple of the watermelons were decimated by aphids. I tried neem oil, but to no avail. I heard on the garden radio show that aphids are rampant this year and that trying controlling them is an exercise in futility, which is something I don’t need that much more practice with. So eat the watermelons if will, aphids, see if I care.

I went to speak with the small group leaders about having their small groups out to the garden. As usual, I incited my audience to near garden-rioting excitement and they had to be restrained to keep the meeting in order. That, or at least several people nodded politely while I spoke. I do think we will have good small group participation this fall. Look for a volunteer calender post soon.

What is yet to be –

Annie Crawford will be working the garden again this week. And again, we thank her. I think I’ll be out to fight the bermuda grass on Saturday, if anyone wants some of that action.

To-Do –

  • Weed
  • harvest
  • drip
  • fill up ollas (oh-yeah!)
  • pray!