What Up With That – October 22th 2012 edition

What has been –

The Denning / McAlister gang was out again. Their last time out, they tore through the work I had planned and appeared to be a bit disappointed that I didn’t have more to do. So this time, I made sure the garden didn’t disappoint.

Of course they watered, fertilized and weeded (the big three!). They also built more jute trellising. I seem to have developed a knack for identifying the “type A” person in each group who will string up a trellis that is true enough to be used as a proof for mathematical theorems. This time, it was Heidi, and I think the snap-pea vines will appreciate her attention to detail as they adorn the twine. Or at least I will, you can never tell if snap-peas appreciate anything.

Miles on left, Heidi on right. Looking geometric, looking good.

The DA’s also began work on CCG II, More Garden. That’s right, the garden is expanding.

Because I am delusional, I thought they would be able to remove all vegetation, till, add compost and re-till about 200 square feet in an hour and a half. They didn’t, but not due to lack of effort. What they did accomplish was removing most of the bermuda / weeds, covering with cardboard and adding compost on top of about 150 square feet.

Compost delivery. They were able to teach their children what barnyard manure is. Of course, the kids loved it. Nice “Whip In” shirt, Tony! Way to represent the un-official CCG watering hole!

What we’ll do is let that sit for the next 3-4 months. Hopefully, we will continue to do the same and cover the rest of the area west of the garden until we have an area prepared that will double the size of the garden. Then, when we get a build day planned, all we will have to do is cut in the beds / paths and plant. Wahoo!

CCG II; phase one of many

What is yet to be –

No garden work day this week. Parish Retreat!


What Up With That – October 17th 2012 edition

What has been –

First, special thanks (again) to Seth Henry for leading the youth group in the garden two weekends ago. They pulled up the last of the tomatoes and then the red okra, which was falling over for some unknown reason. Maybe in awe of how awesome the youth group is? Probably. Anyway about it, they ripped it out. That’s what you get for laying down when you should be standing up (Proverbs, somewhere in the mid 20s).
They also planted broccoli and cauliflower plants (bought and paid for by Mr. Henry, who refused reimbursement, again). Our “things that go with ranch dressing” fall garden is well under way.
The Nehme Small Group came out this past Saturday. They worked really hard and accomplished a ton. At the end of the morning they inquired as to if they were the best group ever in the garden, which at first I found rather base, but then I decided to go ahead and rank the volunteer groups based on how awesome they are –
  1. The champions – the Youth Group
  2. The middle of the pack and still very awesome – everyone else . . .
  3.  except – The Friesen Small Group, who comes in a solid dead last in every category except “community building”, where we lead by a ridiculous margin

So, there is your answer, John. Number two isn’t bad, is it? “First loser” doesn’t have as nice a ring as “runner up”, so go with the latter.

The Nehme Teame (last time with that gag, I promise) really did do a great job – weeding, fertilizing, watering, planting more carrots and some radishes, putting in new cedar post on the snap pea beds for trellising and then one member, Miles, constructed the nicest geometric jute trellis ever seen in western civilization on the existing t-post in bed #4. And then I think they went bowling. Awesome indeed.
What is yet to be  –
The Denning / McAlister group will be back out. Hurrah for return workers. It is wonderful to see groups get interested in, and invested in, the garden. They can sow and reap. It’s biblical, look it up.