What Up With That – November 14th 2012

While I was away in Seattle (where it was sunny and not raining. What do I have to do to see some rain?) the Coelho small group came out to the garden. They had had a good turn out and got lots of work done. Below is Peter’s report on the garden, with my commentary where necessary –

Garden was fun! duh I don’t think we killed anything that’s surprising….We fertilized, weeded a bit, and squared off the garden extension.Great! We were only able to put down compost to a depth of about 3 or 4 inches though. Our shoveling crew may have not gotten all they could have out of the compost pile, but they seemed to think that was about what they could get. Sounds dubious. We’re going to need the names of this “shoveling crew” I totally meant to take photos but forgot! No worries, we can totally go back in time and record this monumental day in our garden’s history. Oh no, we can’t. We all lunched at the Whip In afterward and enjoyed good food and live music. Ok, now we are getting back on track. Having a teacher on staff with City School (Blair Wellen) was helpful as it meant we could wash up and use the school’s bathrooms, great! We were all wondering how you managed to use the restroom this was especially important after some fertilizer spillage. What!

So, thanks Coelho small group and thanks Peter for the wrap up! Of course all my comments are in jest. Except for me wondering about the spilled fertilizer. And I will still need those shoveling crew names.


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