What Up With That – December 3rd 2012 edition

What has been –

Much has been! Since our last update the Denning/McAlister small group members, those return champions of garden awesomeness, were back out the week before Thanksgiving. Then Thanksgiving weekend Seth Henry, that’s right, “Detroit” Henry himself, came out and tended. It was an all-star two weeks for the garden and it shows. The garden is in great shape and we are starting our harvest.

This week Eric and Cheryl Kaufman’s small group had a great turn out in the garden. Eric, like many of you I’m sure, ran a large scale garden in Switzerland for several years, so he was immediately appointed garden supervisor for the day.

The group harvested radishes and snap peas. They added granular fertilizer, compost and mulch to all the beds as well as the usual – weeding, watering, liquid fertilizer application. They planted more radishes where a line of previously planted carrots mysteriously disappeared (part of the Christ Church Carrot Relocation Program? We may never know.) The seed packet said the radishes will be ready to harvest in 24 days! That is ridiculous.

What is yet to be –

I think the Denning/McAlister group will be back out soon. Special thanks to them for their consistent garden love. Also, Sharon Perry will be leading a group of honor society students for a work day on the 15th. I think they will be planting strawberries and am excited to see how that works out.

GG 120112


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