What Up With That – January 22nd 2013 edition

What Has Been –

As promised, the D/M group was out and was awesome. They reported a big harvest, including one of the purple cauliflowers. Purple cauliflower? Crazy stuff, kids, crazy stuff.

They did not photograph much besides this shot of the snap peas –


They noted that the peas were kind of going crazy and pulling each other down. Maybe their time has passed? I am debating leaving them in until spring planting (tomatoes, cucumbers, et al) as a cover crop, even if they are done producing peas. My question is, as always, is that the best use of the space? Are they still fixing nitrogen (you have to love those legumes!) even as they play out? These are questions I should pose to Steven Hebbard. I’ll let everyone know his ruling on the question.

What is yet to be –

This weekend Seth Henry and I will meet up and work the garden in the morning and then, after making sure the Whip In is still in good form, we will be playing pitch and put at Butler Park. I can not say enough good things about Butler Park. Centrally located, laid back, well manicured greens. OK, the last one is not true. But if you haven’t played there you should. Also, if you think golf course reviews are out of the purview of a church garden blog, think again. Butler Park slips in under “generalized awesomeness”.

In short, if you would like to, please join me and Seth at the garden, or the course, or both this Saturday.


What Up With That January 16th 2013 edition

A brief update –

I went by the garden and harvested. It was a good harvest –

Harvest 011713 a

Doesn’t that look good? If you are confused, let me assure you, yes, it does look good.

I didn’t water because it rained a ton over the last week, praise God! We love rain!

What is yet to be –

The Denning / McAlisters will be the first group to work the garden this spring when they come out this Saturday. I may have already mentioned it, but it bears repeating – they are awesome (a core value of the garden). They come out and serve and bond and bless. Jealous? You needn’t be. You can come out and be awesome, too. Check out the spring schedule, pick a day, let me know, come and let the awesome flow.

What Up With That – Happy New Year Edition

Now is a time to look back on last year’s highs and lows, and to look forward to this year’s plans, right?

No? I’m too late for that? Thank goodness, I hate those gushy end of year wrap-ups. We just did that, do we have to re-live it already? How nostalgic are you?!

Maybe I go too far. It’s good to look back at where you’ve been. This year, the garden went from an idea to a groundbreaking to actually producing vegetables for the homeless of Austin. Right on!

What’s up for this year? Hopefully more of the same. Community building, food producing, good-work doing garden love. Who can’t get behind that?

Here are some pictures of the garden and it’s bounty from this past month –

Spring Garden Volunteer Schedule!

Yes! It is that time. Sign up your small group, your family, your ladies auxiliary, your mens auxiliary (what, you thought that only women could auxiliaryize? Men can, too. It is 2013, get with it!) – it is Spring garden schedule time!

As you can see, we are pretty open, so come out and do some good, or even awesome, with your chosen people.

  • January 12th
  • January 19th – Denning / McAlister
  • January 26th – Henry and Evans (to be followed by pitch and put)
  • February 2nd
  • February 9th
  • February 16th – Youth Group
  • February 23rd – Denning / McAlister
  • March 2nd 
  • March 9th – Nehme / Stumberg
  • March 16th
  • March 23rd
  • March 30th – McAlister
  • April 6th – Gorman
  • April 13th
  • April 20th
  • April 27th
  • May 4th
  • May 11th
  • May 18th