What Up With That January 16th 2013 edition

A brief update –

I went by the garden and harvested. It was a good harvest –

Harvest 011713 a

Doesn’t that look good? If you are confused, let me assure you, yes, it does look good.

I didn’t water because it rained a ton over the last week, praise God! We love rain!

What is yet to be –

The Denning / McAlisters will be the first group to work the garden this spring when they come out this Saturday. I may have already mentioned it, but it bears repeating – they are awesome (a core value of the garden). They come out and serve and bond and bless. Jealous? You needn’t be. You can come out and be awesome, too. Check out the spring schedule, pick a day, let me know, come and let the awesome flow.


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