Christ Church Garden was begun in 2012 as a partnership between Christ Church Austin and Genesis Gardens. Our goal is to feed the homeless of Austin through local, sustainable, organic gardening while we support Genesis Gardens as they not only feed, but empower the homeless of Austin. You can contact me to volunteer or with any questions at evans@austinequine.com


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  1. This is awesome! This is exactly what we are trying to do here in El Paso. I heard about this from someone at my church of St. Clement, where Cliff Warner was once on staff. I’m writing to ask you if we could “pick your brain” about how you got the garden going. We are trying to open a community cafe to feed the poor and hungry in downtown El Paso and we also want a garden to support the cafe (foodwise). We would love to meet you and come visit the garden. You can ask Cliff about me – I think he’ll remember me! Let me know what you think.
    You can look up our website to find out more about us if you’d like. Its mustardseedcafe.org.
    Patsy Burdick
    5305 Cory Dr.
    El Paso, TX 79932

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