Updated Garden Plan / Drawing

I have no doubt that many of you are thinking “why doesn’t the garden plan on the website match the garden? This is very upsetting.” The silence of your not-sent emails of protest is deafening! I relent. Here is your updated garden plan / drawing – 

As you all noticed, the beds do not run perpendicular to the fences but are, in fact, diagonal. This is because 1) the slope of the site runs both south to north and east to west and Steven pointed out to us that we really had no other option of bed placement and 2) we can say that we diagonalized our garden, which is in keeping with our core value of awesomeness.

The beds are now numbered and these are the numbers we will refer to in all future postings. We are open to nicknaming the beds and bed #3 currently has an application pending for “big boy”. (early rumors are that bed #3 is going to be denied.)

Current planting list –

Bed #                 Plant

1                         Broccoli

2                         cucumbers

3                         tomatoes / legume of some kind

4                         tomatoes / legume of some kind

5                        potatoes / legume of some kind