What Up With That – October 29th edition


Our new snap pea trellis grid, thanks to Carmen McAlister. I told her it didn’t have to be perfect, but probably should be as close to perfect as she could muster, just to be safe. She came through with a fine job of it.

gg102913b Ravishing Radishes. That name is still unused by any major groups, if you are looking for a new band name.

gg102913c The usual view. Looking good.gg102913d


Another overview picture of the garden

I went out yesterday morning to spread some mulch and decided we needed a better overview picture of the garden as it stands. It is from a different angle so you can see the sign and the cross. I like the way the garden looks from this angle. It is also nice with the morning light and shadows. I took my own advice and got out of there before the sun got too high in the sky.


We put up the fence on Monday. A double loop wire for that old fashioned potager feel that I think we all wanted. Or just me. Whatever.

By we, I mean Brian Chilton, Austin’s (and Christ Church’s) hippest new custom furniture maker and architectural welder, and his worst assistant ever – me. He was working way below his skill level, wire fence is not his preferred media and I kept hassling him to hurry up with it – so don’t judge him by the fence, please.

He is also building a gate and compost bin for the garden. If you see him in church, thank him for his giving spirit and skill!